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Inter A (8-12)

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Program Description

Students entering grade 8 are encouraged to apply to the Inter-A Program. This program provides opportunities for high school students to participate in collaborative learning, community volunteering, and leadership development. Students are often attracted to Inter-A because of its emphasis on creativity, teamwork, and public speaking. Although students in the program will take all their academic classes with the other students in the Inter-A program, sometimes in multiage classrooms, they are still very much a part of the Queen Elizabeth Secondary family. The program currently admits students into grade 8 for a two-year program. Students may also apply for admission into the grade 10-12 program.

Queen Elizabeth Secondary
9457 King George Blv.
Phone: 604-588-1258

For more information visit the Inter-A website or view the Inter-A Pamphlet 22-23

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