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Job Description Handbook

The following positions require special training, specific experience and/or fall under the umbrella of associated professionals and teachers not enrolling a class.  Teachers wishing to apply for vacancies for these positions must complete the appropriate "Request for an Evaluation for Positions Requiring Special Training or Specific Experience" application form which is found on the Hub (  The completed application form along with ALL necessary supporting documents, with relevant course work highlighted and official course descriptions included, should be submitted to the Human Resources Department (courier 481) or scan/emailed to by the JANUARY 31st deadline for evaluation. 

 Please note that these specific positions have individual application forms:

(a)    B.A.S.E.S.

(b)    Elementary Core Music

(c)    Learner Support Team

(d)    Teacher-Librarian

(e)    Generic (all others)



    Aboriginal Transitions Facilitator

    Curriculum & Instructional Aboriginal Helping Teacher


    Career Development Facilitator

    District Career Education Coordinator


    Changing Results Advocate Teacher

    Connections Program Teacher

    District Behaviour Specialist

District Behaviour Specialist – ABA Autism

    District Resource Counsellor

    Early Literacy Teacher

    Early Numeracy Teacher

    Elementary Band Teacher

    Elementary Core Music Teacher

    Elementary Counsellor

    Elementary Intensive Arts Education Program Teacher

    Elementary Gifted Education - Challenge Class Teacher

    Elementary Gifted Education Teacher – MACC

    Elementary Montessori Teacher

    Helping Teacher:    

          (a) Curriculum & Instructional

          (b) Numeracy & Instructional Practice

          (c) Inclusive Education Autism & Dual Diagnosis

          (d) Inclusive Education Low Incidence Elementary

          (e) Inclusive Education Secondary

       (f) Inclusive Learning (K-12)

      (g) Racial Equity (K-12)

    Hospital Homebound Teacher

    Integration Support Teacher (Itinerant)    

    Inter-Agency Program Teacher

    Learner Support Team Teacher

    School Psychologist

    Secondary Counsellor

    Social Development Program Teacher

    Inclusive Education Teacher:

(a) Building Academic Social and Employment Skills (B.A.S.E.S.)

(b) Low Incidence (8-12) and Low Incidence (K-7)

Speech Language Pathologist


Teacher of the Deafblind

Teacher of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Teacher of the Blind or Visually Impaired (Itinerant)

TREK School Counsellor

Visiting Teacher


    Learning Centre Counsellor

    Learning Centre Teacher


    District Social Worker – WRAP Program


Elementary Outdoor Education Teacher

International Education Advocate Teacher

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