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Surrey Schools

Our district is proud to host the Respectful Futures - Shaping Healthy Relationships Program on behalf of Stroh Health Care and the Ministries of Public Safety and Solicitor General and Education.  This collaborative effort has produced resources for educators to impact young lives in a meaningful and purposeful way.  Our teachers are grateful to have had the opportunity to both lend ideas and to pilot this work, and students have reported these modules have edified their lives.  We hope that community facilitators and educators in British Columbia will take advantage of these resources to inspire change in the lives of the children and youth they encounter.
Kim Ruddell - Delta School District - Child & Youth Care Worker - Burnsview Changes Alternate Program

I facilitated the Respectful Futures Project with my group of Alternate students ages 15 – 18. Each week we covered one module.  I found the facilitator guide very organized and the material content was easy for our students to relate to and connect with.  It was engaging and combined all the fundamental life skills and strategies they need in order to achieve their relationship goals.   The activities and handouts generated great discussion and I found the students felt safe enough to share their experiences. The result was a stronger classroom community.  Our students are now using the concepts they learned from Respectful Futures on a daily basis.  Here's what some of my students said about participating in the Respectful Futures Program:

Chad - "Why didn't they teach us this in Mainstream"?
Sam - "This is so useful"
Ben - "I taught my girlfriend about the Me + You + Us concept and it has helped us get along better".

This Program is a great resource and is easily adaptable for Elementary or High School settings. I hope to see it used by all Child & Youth Care Workers in our District.

Shauna Robertson - Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy (CBT) Practitioner

Shauna Robertson has worked with Mental Health and Substance Use Services for over 17 years.  In 2018 Shauna spearheaded the youth education programs for VAWIR to develop early interventions and prevention of intimate partner violence.

"I appreciate how the Respectful Futures resource offers tangible modules which integrate well into the BC Curriculum.  Teachers and youth service providers find the You+Me+Us and the ABCDE models useful and well received well by youth.  The Big Ideas are utilized in creative ways and successful educational opportunities are being delivered through Career Education, Drama and counselling programs.  I have utilized many Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools in my years of practice, and am pleased how comprehensive this program model is for youth education."

Listen to what other professionals have to say:

Shari Henry, Aboriginal Coach Mentor, Vice Principal, 
Chetwynd Secondary School

EJ Samson - Head Teacher - TREES Alternate Secondary 
English 12 Teacher - QE Adult Education

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