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The Career Development Facilitator will support the District direction and policies for Career Development and Career Programs and will collaborate with staff to coordinate and promote the career development program in the school by:

Career Development (Grades 8 – 12)

a) providing career information to staff, students, parents and community members;

b) liaising with other departments regarding career development programs and initiatives;

c) providing information on current Labour Market Trends;

d) providing direction to the Career Resource Centre Assistant with respect to their duties and responsibilities in the Career Resource Centre;

e) developing and implementing an educational plan to ensure the effective use of and access to the school Career Resource Centre;

f) identifying and ordering materials and equipment for the Career Resource Centre;

g) liaising with the community to provide access for students and staff in support of career development initiatives/programs;

h) assisting students through individual guidance and group instruction in career development initiatives and Career Programs;

i) assisting students in obtaining information regarding transitions to the workforce or post-secondary institutes;

j) attending District Career Education Department meetings to remain current on Ministry and District directives and initiatives. 

Career Programs (Career Preparation, Co-op, SSA – Grades 10 – 12)

a) ensuring the implementation of District and Ministry Career Program policies and procedures;

b) providing assistance and in-service to staff;

c) liaising with other departments regarding career development programs and activities;

d) establishing and implementing a student selection process for various career education initiatives and programs;

e) assisting in the implementation and maintenance of records on all students with regards to career development;

f) following District guidelines in initiating new work placements for Career Program students;

g) utilizing the District Career Programs Information System (CPIM) when finding and confirming work experience placements for students;

h) utilizing the school Student Information System (SIS);

i) ensuring all staff follow District guidelines for monitoring students on work experience.


a) Bachelor of Education degree or equivalent;

b) valid B.C. Teaching Certificate;

c) minimum of three years of satisfactory school-based teaching, including a minimum of two years recent classroom experience in a career-related program.


a) valid driver's license and access to a vehicle;

b) familiarity with  WCB and Employment Standards Act;

c) experience with the business community; 

d) ability to use presentation software, word processing, spreadsheets and email;

e) minimum of five years of satisfactory school-based teaching;

f) Coursework and/or experience in career education. 

Examples of the current coursework

ED-D  446A Career Awareness and Exploration
ED-D  446B Career Development and Planning

CNPS  312 Career Education For Teachers
CNPS  362 Basic Interviewing Skills
CNPS  363 Career Counseling
CNPS  574 Career Planning & Decision-Making Counseling
EDUC 412 Curriculums for Career Programs

Douglas College
Career Development Practitioner Program

Capilano College
Career Development Facilitator Program

Kwantlen College
#64564 Employment Services Advisory Training


The personnel in this position are accountable in the execution of their assigned duties to the principal of the school(s) to which they are assigned.

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