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Parent Information Brochures

Surrey Schools publishes a variety of District Information Sheets and other resources for parents. Topics include health and safety issues, academic success, classroom learning, parent participation and board policy and regulation.

Most publications are provided in English, with translations in brackets.

Surrey Schools Fact Sheet

Achieving Academic Success

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) (Punjabi, Arabic, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)
Homework Practices (Punjabi version)
Online Research Resources
Reading: A Lifelong Investment (Punjabi version)

Classroom Learning

Combined Grade Classes  (Punjabi version)
Communicating Student Learning (CSL) (Punjabi version)
Hospital Homebound (Punjabi version

District Policy, Regulation & Practice

Extra-curricular Activities  (Punjabi version)
Lockers: Conditions of Use (Punjabi version)
Managing rising student enrolment (Punjabi version)
Registration: New Students (Punjabi version, Hindi version, Simplified Chinese version, Arabic version, Tagalog version, Spanish version)
Understanding Differences (Punjabi version)
MyEd Family Portal User Instructions (Punjab version, Simplified Chinese version, Arabic version)
MyEd Student Portal User Instructions (Punjabi version, Simplified Chinese version, Arabic version)

Health & Wellness

Accident Insurance (Punjabi version)
Allergy Aware Schools  (Punjabi version)
Drug Free Kids: Preparing to talk effectively about substance use
Food nutrition
Grief: Assisting Children Through Trauma and Loss (Punjabi version)
Grief: Assisting Teenagers Through Loss (Punjabi version)
Grief: Strategies for Parents (Punjabi version)
Head Lice: Learn how to check for and treat head lice
Quick Guide to Common Childhood Diseases (B.C. Centre for Disease Control)
Smoking: Reasons to Quit
Teenage Tobacco Use
Vaping: Talking to Your Child (Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Vietnamese)

Parent Participation

Communicating Your Concerns (Punjabi version)
Effective Parent-Teacher Conferences (Punjabi version)
Establishing School Routines (Punjabi version)
Guide to Parent Participation (Punjabi version)
What Can I Do at Home to Be Involved in the Educational Process? (Punjabi version)
Parents Guide to Bullying (2023)


Bullying (Punjabi version)
Coyotes (Punjabi version)
Election Day Safety (Punjabi version)
Gang Prevention: Indentifying Risk Factors and Warning Signs (Empower Surrey)
Halloween: Trick or Treat Safety Tips (Punjabi version)
How to approach your child if their intimate image has gone viral / or if they have shared intimate images online (City of Surrey)
Internet Safety (ChinesePunjabi)
Keeping Children Safe (Punjabi version)
Keeping Youth Safe (Punjabi version)
Keeping Schools Safe
PSST Website (Punjabi version)
Replica/Toy Guns (Punjabi version)
Safe Schools - Program Resources for Parents (Punjabi version)
School Parking and Traffic Safety (Punjabi version)
School Safety Alert System - Emergency Response
Stranger Alert Safety Tips (Punjabi version)
Threat Assessment Protocol (Punjabi version)

SOGI-inclusive Education Resources

Myths and Facts About SOGI-inclusive Education (Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Pashto)
Understanding SOGI-inclusive Resources: A Guide for Parents & Caregivers (Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Pashto)
What does SOGI-inclusive education look like in a secondary classroom? (Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Pashto)
What does SOGI-inclusive education look like in an elementary classroom? (Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Pashto)

General Information & Events

Kindergarten registration 2024: English, Punjabi, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish.
Weather-related Closures, Cancellations & Delayed Openings (Punjabi version) (Chinese version) (Arabic version)
Saying No to Discrimination (Punjabi version)
Take Our Kids to Work Day (Punjabi version)
How to Pay School Fees Online (ChineseFrenchHindi, KoreanPortuguesePunjabiSpanishVietnamese)
Extended Vacations During the School Year

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