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Students & Families

layla%20Katzie.jpg"I try to use happy thoughts to have a growth mindset." 
- Art by Layla, Grade 5, Katzie Elementary
Whether you're a parent, student or community member, we hope you'll find the following mental health resources useful.

If you have any questions about the documents below, please contact us.

Student Resources:

Free counseling services for anyone between 12-24, including their caregivers
Help lines, clinics, counseling sessions & more
Vaping (Safe Schools)
Safe Schools fact sheet on vaping

Family Resources:

Provincial list of supports and resources for both children and caring adults 
Family guide by the Mental Health Commission of Canada
Support network for caring parents 
A quick breakdown of FamilySmart services
Videos for families and caregivers on mental health and/or substance use topics
Monthly hosted online event for parents & caregivers who are parenting a child or youth with a mental health and/or substance use challenge
This is a professional development channel for the Surrey School District, in British Columbia, Canada, focusing on Mental Health and Wellness.

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