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The Real (Trek) School is a community partnership program which serves adolescents between the ages of 13 - 15 years.  These students have been identified through Student Services as having "high-risk" behaviors that require intensive behavior supports in order to re-engage and be successful in their education.  This program is intended to meet a range of social, emotional, behavioral and educational needs.  The work is accomplished by an interdisciplinary team that includes a counsellor, a teacher, and a community support worker.  The staff team provides individual and group learning opportunities that take place in a structured classroom setting, as well as through group meetings and community activities.

As part of an interdisciplinary team, key responsibilities of the Trek School Counsellor will include:

a) provide counselling services to adolescents who have "high-risk" behaviors requiring intensive behavior support;

b) work as part of an interdisciplinary team including a teacher and possibly a community service support worker;

c) teach (provide direct instruction) in the instructional program as determined by the needs of the students;

d) facilitate instruction to students in social-emotional skill development (drawn from CAPP and other relevant curriculum);

e) collaborate with the program teacher where integration of learning goals is applicable;

f) collaborate with the staff team in the use of community resource personnel and programs relevant to the social and academic curriculum;

g) facilitate group sessions with students; provide direction for community service partner(s) in their facilitation for small groups;

h) provide personal counselling to students;

i) act as an advocate on behalf of students and their families, and assist them in the access of community services;

j) collaborate with the program staff, community service partners, the students, and parents in the coordination of integrated case management and individual education plans;

k) be responsible for overseeing integrated case management planning;

l) facilitate students' transitions to future educational programs. 


a) valid B.C. Teaching Certificate;

b) a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology, equivalent to an M.A. or M.Ed. Counselling Psychology from Simon Fraser University or University of British Columbia.


a) previous counselling experience with "at-risk" youth;

b) previous counselling experience at the secondary school level;

c) experience facilitating social and life skills instruction;

d) experience leading psycho-educational or other counselling groups;

e) experience working as part of an interdisciplinary team;

f) experience working in other settings such as MCFD, Mental Health, or the Maples.


The personnel in this position are accountable in the execution of their assigned duties to the Director of Instruction, Student Support or designate. 

Revised April 2021

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