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Respectful Futures

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The Respectful Futures – Shaping Healthy Relationships resources consist of six modules, which may be used in schools and the community with the various modules being delivered to all ages but with an age-relevant approach. The modules are presented in a manner of progression that allows younger children to address relationships in a more global way, while giving older youth opportunities for a more specific and focused examination of relationships.

There is a great need to support children and youth to recognize and practise a healthier and more respectful way of being in a relationship with others. When children and youth are able to create and maintain healthy relationships they are better equipped to develop a healthy, balanced life that supports all aspects of their wellbeing.

This is particularly important during this time of heightened challenges surrounding a worldwide pandemic. As we alternate between the virtual environment and in person interactions, the concepts and lessons offered in Respectful Futures materials are needed more than ever.

Our Vision

To promote better understanding of healthy relationships for young people.

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