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Energy Conservation

SurreySchools-SummerShutdown-Poster-2023%2011x17%20(FINAL).png2023 Summer Shutdown Campaign

We invite you to participate in our Annual Summer Shutdown campaign! 

Over the summer vacation, our electronics and schools can use a lot of energy so please unplug and take home any of your personal electronic devices. This includes large appliances in classrooms and staff rooms like fridges and freezers.

Fridges should be cleaned out and if necessary consolidated into one fridge that will be left running. For those fridges not in use, please:

1. Clean out, unplug, and prop the doors open to prevent mildew build up over the summer.

2. Place a notice (see Resources below) on fridges to signal which fridges should be unplugged and which (if any) will be in use.

Please visit the "Resources" section below, where you will find resources and materials (like posters, checklists, fridge notices, etc) to help promote and spread the word.

Have a great summer!

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