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The Inter-A Program is a place for high school aged students to receive an education that challenges them to Learn, Lead, and Engage.

We are located inside Queen Elizabeth Secondary School in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. The program is like a “school within a school.” We are an academic program that provides a high school education to a group of about 170. These students and their teachers have chosen to participate in a challenging alternative to a traditional high school education. Open classrooms, cooperative learning, student leadership, and personal responsibility are some of our key values. Volunteer work, peer tutoring, diversity, and project-based learning are also important to us.

Leadership: The Inter-A program is based on Leadership. Students explore their own leadership and work to encourage and support the leadership of others. Students will be given the opportunity to lead classroom seminars. Students come to appreciate the privilege of sharing their knowledge with their peers. Many students find additional leadership roles in sport, culture, fitness, and the arts.

Engage in Service to your Community: Students are encouraged to volunteer their time, skills, and enthusiasm to projects within their school and community. Opportunities are provided for community service including tutoring, recreational leadership, grounds keeping, recycling and waste reduction, and participation in neighborhood beautification. Environmental action, charitable work, and humanitarian projects are other areas in which students are having a positive impact on their world.

Learning: Students in the Inter-A program experience a supportive but challenging academic environment. In our grade 8 and 9 program, high school credits are earned in Humanities, Science, Mathematics, French, Career Education, Arts Exploration, Applied skills and Design, and Active and Healthy Living. Personal Leadership and responsibility, Cooperative Learning models, Group Interactions, and Peer support are emphasized through the grade 8 and 9 program.

Students in our grade 10 to 12 program undertake a more specialized curriculum. Literature and Composition, Social Studies including History, Geography, Social Justice, and Law, Mathematics including Pre-Calculus and Foundations of Mathematics, French Language, and various Sciences, including Life Science, Chemistry, and Physics, Physical and Health Education, and Studio Arts are variously offered. Continuing Leadership, Community Service, and participation in group activities are expected from our senior students.

The Inter-A Program prepares students for admission to Post Secondary Institutions in British Columbia or beyond. In preparing students for university admission, we emphasize not only academics but the role of community endeavor, initiative, and leadership in the development of the whole individual.

Students interested in the Inter-A Program should contact their school counsellor or send an email to one of the teachers listed below. We look forward to hearing from you!


Last NameFirst NameEmail AddressJob Title
Mr. R.
Department Head
Mr. A.

Ms. M.
Ms. K.
Department Head
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