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Student Fees


School supply lists are created each year by teachers for each grade, and for each subject area. Students will receive this information in the first week of school (usually on the course outlines). 

In the Resources listed below is: 

-The basic student fee information; optional enhancements and extracurricular activity fees; replacement charges; and basic school supplies.  

-A general school supply list for grade 8s or new students to have an idea of general supplies needed (individual teachers will give more information for each course).

Grade 8 and new student “General” Supply List

We often have new parents and students request lists for school supplies. Our  team of teachers have developed a general school supply list for your convenience (additional supplies may be suggested by individual teachers).

-- backpack -- pencils

-- pens: blue, black and red -- pencil crayons

-- felt pens (optional)

 -- 2 - 3 binders (1 or 2 inch) 

-- erasers 

-- ruler 

-- lined paper

- scientific calculator

-- white-out

 -- highlighters (multicoloured)

-- self-adhesive reinforcements (optional)

-- 1 (three inch) binder for Humanities

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