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Scholarships are available to all senior students pursuing all sorts of post-secondary futures. 

Workshops in September help students to navigate finding scholarships as well as how to write winning applications for them.

Semester 1

The scholarship committee nominates one student for each of the following provincial and national scholarships, based on their draft applications:

BC Excellence Scholarship

Applications will be posted in the Grade 12's Team in the scholarship channel once they are open.

Semester 2

The scholarship committee examines applications for and then awards internal scholarships—money donated to the Queen Elizabeth Secondary scholarship fund (donations come from Surrey Schools initiatives and a variety of community members). The list of awards and their criteria, as well as the application form , is published in the early Spring. Applications are released in February and are due in March:

  • DAS - District Authority Scholarships
  • PS36 - Partner 36 Scholarships
  • Queen Elizabeth Internal Scholarships

External Scholarship Catalogue

There are hundreds of external scholarships listed on the Grade 12's Team Scholarships channel. They are arranged in Due Date order. Students are encouraged to do their own research into community-based scholarships available to them. The criteria of qualification varies. It's not just marks that count.

Click here to book an appointment with Ms. Nikkanen for assistance in crafting essay-based applications and for further feedback prior to submitting their work. Please book appointments two weeks (or more) in advance of the scholarships deadline.

Any scholarship monies won should be reported to Ms. Nikkanen.

Your scholarship contact is Ms. Nikkanen.

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