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Queen Elizabeth Secondary's math department is committed to providing a rigorous and challenging academic experience for their students. Their experienced teachers offer a wide range of courses from basic high school math, all the way up to Calculus. The curriculum is designed to develop a broad base of problem solving skills in its students while also emphasizing real world applications. With its strong emphasis on practicality, Queen Elizabeth Secondary's math department offers excellent preparation for post-secondary studies as well as the modern workplace.

The Math Department participates annually in Math Contests, such as the Pascal, Caley, Fermat, Euclid, and Gauss. Ask your math teacher or check the website, linked above, for registration information and dates.


2022-23 Mathematics Department:

NameEmail Address
Mr. E.
Mr. B. Driss 
Ms. K. Moon
Ms. J. Sandhu
Ms. M. Smith
Mr. M.
Mr. M.
Ms. M.
Mr. A.

Math Pathways: 

(see course selection handbook or Math website (link above) for more information)


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