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Deaf or Hard of Hearing (D/HH) Resource



Program Description: 


The secondary D/HH resource is designed to offer in-class support and tutorial support in a resource room setting to students with a diagnosed hearing difference. The primary purpose of this program is to enable students who are deaf or hard of hearing to attend classes with hearing peers, and to reach their academic potential. Students learn to monitor and manage their hearing equipment on a daily basis and receive social/emotional support as necessary. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are developed to meet each student's individual functional academic and life skills goals.


Student Entrance Criteria:

· Must have a diagnosed hearing difference supported by a recent audiometric assessment and report

· Must meet the Ministry criteria to be considered a student with a hearing difference

· Hearing difference must be at least moderate, bilateral, and permanent; and amplification must be recommended by an audiologist.

Sibling / Other Entrance Criteria:

· Desire to have the opportunity to be included in the D/HH communities at MJ Shannon Elementary, Bear Creek Elementary, Beaver Creek Elementary, and QE Secondary because they have a family member who is D/HH.

Referral Process:

· Students register at their catchment school.

· Catchment School personnel and the itinerant teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing consult with respect to the referral.

· School personnel submit the referral (with supporting documentation) to Student Support.

· Student Support makes a decision regarding the referral.

· Visitations and observations occur.

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