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Student Bus Services

The ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year is NOW OPEN

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DEADLINE TO COMPLETE REGISTRATION is JULY 15, 2022 for Eligible September seating.


After July 15, families have until the end of day August 5 to submit a LATE application. Late applications will be subject to a secondary waitlist to be determined after October 1


Families are responsible for providing transportation for their child to and from school until a seat may be awarded.


 School bus

Please refer to Steps to Registering Student, below, before completing the application.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please email:

It's important to note that during peak periods, which includes but is not limited to the start of registration in late Spring and the start of the school year in September, the volume of requests is high. Staff will do their best to acknowledge having received your email within 48 hours. Please note that it could take up to 10 working days.

Eligible riders must live more than 4 km from their catchment school for students in grades K-3 and more than 4.8 km from their catchment school for students in grades 4-12.  

School Staff

For further information and documents for Special Needs busing, please contact student support or email Jean Gahan in Transportation at

For Information on school bus field trips click HERE. (You must be signed in as an Employee to access the link.)

Student Bussing Guidelines

Students who are residents of the cities of Surrey or White Rock, and who meet the following criteria, will be considered eligible for regular school bus transportation to and from the school which has been designated by the Superintendent of Schools to serve their residence.

a)   Kindergarten to Grade 3
Kindergarten to Grade 3 students who live in a residence that is located more than 4 km walking distance from their catchment school may apply for free bus transportation.

b)   Grade 4 to Grade 12
Grades 4 to 12 students who live in a residence that is located more than 4.8 km walking distance from their school may apply for free bus transportation.

Current Schools with Bus Service:

  1. Douglas Elementary
  2. Earl Marriott Secondary
  3. Grandview Secondary  
  4. Salish Secondary      
  5. North Surrey Secondary      
  6. Fraser Heights Secondary

For transportation of students with special needs, please contact your school Principal.
General busing inquiries can be directed to 604-572-0500 or via email at:

Steps to Registering Student

Step 1: Ensure student information is up-to-date with the school

If your student is moving to a new school or a new home before September 2021 (or at any time during the school year) you must advise the school. It is important to ensure your home address at the school is always up to date. The address you provide on the bus registration will be verified with what is currently on file. You can request changes by contacting your student's school office. *Please note that if your student already receives bussing their eligibility may change depending on your address.

If your address is accurate at the school, please proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Determine rider eligibility / category

If you are new to the District, or to our transportation system, review our FAQ page 2022-23 Bus Services FAQs.pdf  to understand our system, registration process, and determine if your student is an eligible rider. All riders must apply for the upcoming school year between mid-April and July 15th. Online applications will receive an email response outlining their eligibility/category for ridership. Students must register for bussing prior to each school year.

What is my Catchment school?

If you are not sure which school catchment your home is located, please use this online tool to help you determine which school your student should be registered. 

Start by entering your street name. The locator will immediately begin listing streets and avenues as you type. 

Select your street or avenue.

Check the "I'm not a robot" box, and then click on Find My School.

Click on the range of numbers that your address falls in.


Your Elementary and Secondary Catchment schools will be listed as below.


Verify that the catchment school listed is one of the schools the District provides bussing (listed above).

What is my Walk Distance?

If you are not sure how far your walk distance is from home to school, please use Google Maps. Google your student's catchment school. Click on Directions and enter your home address (without apartment number) in the search bar using the WALK icon. The shortest distance are the kilometres that the bus system uses to calculate your eligibility.


Is your student a Rider with Diverse Abilities?

If your student is eligible for special needs bussing as per Regulation 5400.1:

  • Physically disabled students who, due to distance and/or severity of their disability, are unable to walk or take public transit.
  • Students with special needs who have a Ministry of Education designation, Special Education designation, or are placed in a District Special Education program (refer to Student Support Services).
  • Students who have already been approved by Learning Support Services.

If you believe your student is eligible for special needs bussing and has not registered for transportation before, please speak with your student's Learner Support Team at the school for information on the application and approval process.

Registration begins early April, and the deadline to register for the upcoming school year is June 30th. Students must register for bussing prior to each school year.

Step 3: Complete ONLINE registration form

Please complete the online registration form to help us plan bus routes and prepare communications notifying you of potential approval. When asked for a student number, please insert your student's correct *Pupil Number (6 or 7 digits long). You cannot register more than one student on a single form. If your student is newly registered with the school, or you do not know what the Pupil number is, please contact the school office for your child's Student (Pupil) Number.


You do not have to pay to complete this registration form but must SUBMIT the form to complete the process and receive a status notification email. PLEASE CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING. If you do not receive a status email within the allotted time, the email provided was not entered correctly.

Please note: Confirmation of registration completion does not automatically mean ridership approval.

Troubleshooting tips for Completing the ONLINE form questions:

1. Student First Name: Jean
Please ensure you enter the name of the student as you would like it to appear on the Bus Pass. Do not use all capitals or all lower-case letters for a student's name. Correct examples above, and below:

2. Student Last Name: de la Francois

3. School Attending: Only the schools that receive bussing will be in this list. Please do not type in a school that does not receive busing. You will receive an email reply, however, your application will be rejected by the system.

4. Catchment School: If you do not know your student's catchment school NEXT YEAR, please use the School Locator tool found in Step 2. 

Please note: It is a family’s prerogative to "choose" whichever school their student wishes to attend in the district. As per Surrey School District Regulation 5400.1 (Section 6): Students attending Programs of Choice outside their catchment school are not eligible for free transportation. (Programs of choice: French Immersion, Athletics, Montessori, Trades programs, etc.) 

6. Student ID Number (*Pupil Number): It is essential that the correct Pupil Number be entered into the form. (A Pupil Number is 6 to 7 digits in length.) Incorrect entry of student numbers will still produce an email response, however, the application will be rejected and the registration will not be accepted by the bussing system. If you do not know the Pupil (Student) Number, call the school.

9. Unit / Apartment Number: Please ensure you enter the APARTMENT or UNIT number (numbers only) in the Apt. Number field. DO NOT ENTER A HOUSE NUMBER IN THIS AREA or you may receive an incorrect response email.


10. Address: Please use correct spaces as required; do not use punctuation such as periods, dashes, or commas; and avoid ordinal indicators such as 'nd' or 'th' when completing an address. Use correct short forms, or full names, for streets and avenues: Ave / Avenue, St / Street, Dr / Drive, Hwy / Highway. Street and Avenue names that include a letter must be next to the number.
Correct examples below:

16659 Fraser Hwy
7929 152 St
7767 145A Street
14445 64 Ave
7515 Wiltshire Dr
7423 King George Blvd  
Incorrect = bsmt 123- 10355-152nd st

12. Postal Code: V3W 5R5 (numbers and capitals)

13. & 14. Phone numbers: Include dashes 555-555-5555

Step 4: Confirm registration has been received (ALL riders)

You will receive an email from the District's transportation staff within 10 work days confirming the registration form has been completed and communicate potential next steps in the process. If you have not heard from the District's transportation staff within 10 work days after completing the online registration, please email:

Please take note of the following:

If you receive an email with the subject: Your bus route has been confirmed - that means your student is an eligible rider (free).

If the subject is: Surrey Schools bus transport request – Courtesy (fee paying) Waitlisted - that means your student is a courtesy rider (paying) and has been placed on the waitlist. Waitlisted students will be notified beginning October 1st.

If it indicates information other than above, please contact

Please note: The District will approve rider eligibility based on home to school calculations determined by our system. You can check your potential eligibility by referring to Step 2.


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