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Hall's Prairie (Outdoor Land-Based Learning Program)

To learn more about this exciting program or to register your child while spaces are available, please email  


The Surrey School District is excited to offer an Elementary Outdoor Land-Based Learning Program at Hall’s Prairie beginning in 2024-2025. Through daily outdoor land-based learning experiences, children will have the opportunity to develop the competencies, skills, and understandings outlined in the B.C. K-7 curriculum. Children will learn to be stewards of the land within which they live, and that encompasses Coast Salish peoples, culture, language, and history.

The Outdoor Land-Based Learning Program will:

  • provide daily outdoor experiences that integrate B.C.'s curriculum with children's innate wonderings and curiosity;
  • allow teachers to facilitate emergent, experiential, inquiry-based, play-based, and place-based learning;
  • align with the First Peoples Principles of Learning and integrate Coast Salish culture, traditions, and history throughout the curriculum;
  • be rooted in Indigenous Coast Salish culture and traditions as stewards of the land;
  • allow teachers to help children to identify, co-manage and navigate risk as an integral part of learning and healthy development;
  • develop students' core competencies by providing experiential learning in the outdoors, fostering children's competencies as creative and critical thinkers, effective communicators, and people who are personally, socially and environmentally aware;
  • provide the opportunity for children to learn in a small school setting

Outdoor Land-Based Learning Program Location:

Hall's Prairie Elementary
18035 8 Avenue
Phone: 778-537-0206

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