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International Languages

All language programs are compatible with the BC curriculum and lead towards Grade 12 graduation. There are no special fees.

International Languages courses are offered throughout the district. Core French, Intensive/Enhanced French, Spanish, Japanese and Punjabi are available. Spanish, Japanese and Punjabi entry level courses are available at the secondary level. French programs begin at the elementary level.

Core French is a basic second language program intended to enable students to communicate purposefully in French. Students learn French as a subject for approximately 90-120 minutes per week in grades 5, 6 and 7 and for one semester in grade 8. This meets the Ministry mandate of 4 consecutive years of second language study for all BC students. Secondary schools offer Core French grades 9-12 as a follow up.

Intensive French (IF) is a second language program in which French is taught intensively for the first five months of grade 6, with a continuation of one hour of French per day in the second five months, as well as throughout the grade 7 year. There is a follow up Enhanced French class available at the secondary level. This is a neighbourhood program, giving priority enrolment to students living in the catchment of the schools offering the program. Out of catchment enrolment may be considered if space is available.

Punjabi as a second language is available in a few schools, with entry at the grade 5 level.  In order to complete the Ministry requirements for second language study, students are expected to continue in the program through grade 8.

The full Language Program curriculum can be found at the ministry website here:

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