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Intensive French

Intensive French (IF) is a second language program in which French is taught intensively for the first five months of grade 6, with a continuation of one hour of French per day in the second five months, as well as throughout the grade 7 year. There is a follow up Enhanced French class available at the secondary level. This is a neighbourhood program, giving priority enrolment to students living in the catchment of the schools offering the program. Out of catchment enrolment may be considered if space is available.

Intensive French (Elementary) is offered at:

  • Fraser Wood Elementary School

  • Coast Meridian Elementary School

  • Frost Road Elementary School

  • Erma Stephenson Elementary School

  • Ocean Cliff Elementary School


Enhanced French (Secondary) is offered at:

  • Elgin Park Secondary School

  • Fraser Heights Secondary School

  • North Surrey Secondary School


If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. 

Priority Practices - Department Contact
email:                    ph: 604-595-5325

Beverley Bunker - Intensive French Helping Teacher
email:                  ph: 604-595-6048

Lily Kamarn - Intensive French Helping Teacher
email:                  ph: 604-595-6048

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