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Intensive Fine Arts


The Intensive Fine Arts program integrates the four areas of the arts – visual, music, drama, and dance – into all curriculum areas. The program strives to create a stimulating and culturally enriched learning environment where the arts are the lens through which other subjects are accessed. The Arts Education curriculum is founded on the artistic habits of mind - exploring and creating, reasoning, and reflecting, communicating and documenting, and connecting and expanding. All are lifelong and transferable knowledge and skills.

In the Intensive Fine Arts choice program, the arts are not seen as one part of the curriculum; they are the lens through which the curriculum is explored. We create learning environments where in-depth experience with the arts become a fundamental way of knowing.

Intensive Fine Arts Locations: 

David Brankin Elementary
9160 128 Street
Phone: 604-585-9547

White Rock Elementary
1273 Fir Street
Phone: 604-531-5731

How to Register: Kindergarten Choice Program Lottery

  1. On-line applications open January 29, 2024, @ 9:00 am and close February 16, 2024, @ 4:00 pm
    Please read the How to Apply Online page.  
  2. Grades 1-7: To register students in Grades 1-7, please contact the school

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