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Montessori (K-7)


The Montessori program is intended to develop self-directed students with a global vision. In the Montessori classroom:

  • There is a multi-age group in each class, ideally a three-year age span, with six- to nine-year-olds grouped together and nine- to twelve-year-olds in another grouping. Wherever possible, students stay with the same teacher for three years.
  • The program is individualized wherever practicable.
  • An emphasis is placed on students progressing at their own rate.
  • At the Primary level, the method is based on the use of self-correcting, concrete materials, which are devised to be used in a sequence matched to the child's level.
  • Materials are limited so that children learn to share and help one another. There are large unbroken time spans for work, with a minimum of interruptions to disturb the student's concentration.
  • The curriculum is designed to develop in the child a global view of mankind, stressing the interdependence of man and the care of the environment.
  • There is an emphasis on the development of the child as a contributing member of the society, including a multicultural focus.

The History of Montessori:

Maria Montessori, born in Italy in 1870, was an active advocate for the rights of the child. After becoming Italy's first woman doctor, her interests turned to the education of the children, and she began her lifelong pursuit of studying child development. Her own educational method evolved over fifty years of work with children around the world. Dr. Montessori was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize for her contributions to education and advocacy of the rights of the child. Dr. Montessori believed that a truly educated individual continues learning long after the years spent in the classroom because of the inner motivation, a natural curiosity and a love of learning.

The aim of the Montessori philosophy is to provide a learning environment that enhances the development of intellectually reflective individuals who are caring and ethical members of the community. The Montessori program in the Surrey School District was founded in 1981 and has grown from one class to include nearly 400 children and three school sites.

Montessori Locations:

Latimer Road Elementary (grades 1-7 only)
19233 60 Avenue 
Phone: 604-576-9184 


Mountainview Elementary
15225 98 Avenue 
Phone: 604-589-1193 

South Surrey/White Rock

Douglas Elementary
17325 - 2 Avenue 
Phone: 604-535-0180

Please note: Kindergarten at the Montessori Program at Latimer Road will not be available in September 2024. Please choose Mountainview or Douglas.

How to Register: 

  1. Kindergarten Lottery: On-line applications open January 29, 2024, @ 9:00 am and close February 16, 2024, @ 4:00 pm
     Please read the 
    How to Apply Online page.  
  2. Grades 1-7: To register students in Grades 1-7, please contact the school

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