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Early French Immersion

Program Description (K-GRADE 7)

French Immersion is a research based French Language learning program available to all students. Early French Immersion begins in Kindergarten (Grade 1, if space is available). In Early French Immersion, all instruction is offered in French in Grades K to 2. English language instruction is introduced in Grade 3 and continues with 20% English and 80% French through Grade 7. French Immersion students develop strong communication skills in both French and English. They also develop a knowledge and understanding about the structure of language that may enable them to learn other languages more easily. 

French is one of Canada's two official languages. it is also a "world" language because of its geographical distribution on the planet: French is spoken in five continents and is a language shared by more than 45 countries. Since we live in an increasingly global society, the acquisition of French is proven to be an asset for the future.

Early French Immersion Locations: 

Riverdale Elementary
14835 – 108A Avenue
Phone: 604-588-5978

Simon Cunningham Elementary
9380 – 140 Street
Phone: 604-588-4435

Martha Currie Elementary
5811 – 184 Street
Phone: 604-576-8551

Laronde Elementary
1880 Laronde Drive
Phone: 604-536-1626

Peace Arch Elementary
15877 Roper Avenue
Phone: 604-536-8711

Woodward Hill Elementary
6082 – 142 Street
Phone: 604-594-2408

Pacific Heights Elementary
17148 – 26 Avenue
Phone: 604-531-2828

For more information on French Immersion programs, please contact the schools or Education Services (Languages Department) at:
Telephone: 604-595-5325
Fax: 604-595-5326

How to Register: Kindergarten Choice Program Lottery

  1. On-line applications open January 23, 2023, @ 9:00 am and close February 10, 2023, @ 4:00 pm
    Please read the How to Apply Online page.  
  2. Grades 1-7: To register students in Grades 1-7, please contact the school

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