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Threat Assessment Protocol

The Surrey Board of Education has a comprehensive Safe & Caring Schools policy that supports the district’s commitment to promoting a safe and caring school environment for all learners.

An important component of this policy is the district Threat Assessment Protocol that addresses the issue of student threat-making behaviour. If a student possesses a weapon or threatens to harm him/herself or someone else – whether in a comment, gesture or written remark – the district will react according to this protocol.

The district Threat Assessment Protocol requires district staff trained in assessing threat-making behaviour to conduct an investigation to determine any risk involving a student who has made a threat; whether the potential risk is to others or to the student him/herself.

School principals, vice-principals, counsellors and others have been trained in assessing student threat-making behaviour.  If circumstances warrant, the principal or designate will involve Student Support Services staff, Safe Schools staff, the RCMP School Liaison Officer, and/or personnel from other relevant agencies.

Parents, guardians or caregivers can expect their child to be interviewed by one or more of the personnel listed above if the child was involved in any threat-making behaviour. In addition, it may be necessary to interview parents, guardians or caregivers to complete the threat assessment.

The threat assessment process assists district staff in determining appropriate intervention strategies to assist the student and promote safety.

The Safe & Caring Schools policy and the district Threat Assessment Protocol are tools to assist everyone in our school communities to promote a safe and caring learning environment.

The Surrey School District appreciates the support of parents, guardians and caregivers as we work together toward creating safe and caring schools for all children.

Threat Assessment Protocol (English)

Threat Assessment Protocol (Punjabi)

Threat Assessment Protocol - Fair Notice

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