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Priority Programs

The Priority Programs listed here are supported almost exclusively by donations and gifts. Donors may direct contributions directly to one of these programs, to a specific school, to an educational area of their choosing, or may give an unrestricted gift that will allow the district to allocate funds to areas of current greatest need.Donate Button

After-School Programs

The Surrey School District, in partnership with community recreation leaders and other local sports organizations, is committed to developing the individual skills and self-confidence of each student who learns through the power of play in a safe and nurturing after-school environment. Due to the vast landscape of Surrey, we understand the needs vary across the district and we recognize the support must continue beyond the 9-3 classroom.

BLAST (Bring Learning to After School Time)

BLAST offers students in grades 1 to 7 a safe and engaging environment to learn and develop new skills in various subjects, including physical literacy, healthy living and social and emotional skills through various positive interactions and activities. During the program, students will focus on creating positive peer relationships and building leadership skills, while engaging with their community, through daily and weekly activities, planned out-trips and visits from community leaders.

Canada Scores

Canada Scores provides a high quality, team based afterschool program that integrates soccer, poetry, and community service learning to students in grades 4 to 5. This program offers a safe environment and expands learning opportunities for students to develop physical literacy, social and emotional skills through various positive interactions and activities.

Check & Connect (C & C)

At the core, Check & Connect is a trusting relationship between the student and a caring mentor (Outreach Worker). Mentors systematically "Check" on students, assessing their engagement with school and learning through close monitoring of their attendance, behaviour, and grades. Mentors "Connect" with students, offering individualized intervention in partnership with school personnel, families, and community service providers. Lastly, they partner with guardians/families, functioning as a liaison between home and school and striving to build constructive family-school relationships. The program seeks to foster student engagement at school and with learning. It is an evidence-based mentoring intervention for students who show warning signs of disengagement with school and who are at risk of dropping out.

Clubhouse 36

An after-school program that offers a safe environment and extended learning opportunities for children ages 6 to 12 to develop recreational, physical literacy, and social and emotional skills through various positive interactions and activities. They focus on creating positive peer relationships and building leadership skills, while engaging with their community through daily and weekly activities, planned out-trips and visits from community leaders.

G.I.A. (Gxrls In Action)

The G.I.A. Program is a unique after-school opportunity for female-identified students in grades 5 to 9 to participate in safe, educational, and fun activities instructed by highly qualified instructors who are experts in their field. Participants will be able to enjoy a variety of quality learning opportunities that will be focused on science, leadership, athletics, and environmental stewardship. We aim to develop students’ passions and strengths to become positive role models in their community.

HEROS (Hockey Education Reaching Out Society)

HEROS is a program that uses the game of hockey to teach life-skills and empower youth. This is a unique opportunity for 30 to 35 students in grades 4 to 12 (from multiple schools) to participate in a fun and structured hockey program, free of charge, and provides the necessary equipment. HEROS staff will teach new skills, while providing mentorship in a safe and structured after school learning environment. They focus on encouraging students to be physically literate, strong leaders in their community, and socially responsible members of society.


Jumpstart Academy is an after school physical literacy program designed to create opportunities for children and youth to participate in recreation and community sports. Jumpstart is designed to develop Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS), equipping participants with the motivation, confidence, and physical competence to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities. Jumpstart Academy teaches FMS using Host Partners (which may include Game Ready Fitness or Sportball) as well as partnering with community sport and recreation partners.

PLAY (Promoting Life Skills in Aboriginal Youth)

The PLAY program focuses on students in grades 1 - 7 to help build essential life skills and promote health and well-being among Indigenous children and youth. The Community Mentor is an employee of the delivering partner community (Band, urban org, or other entity) and has chosen to deliver the PLAY program with the support of Right To Play.

REACH (Recreation, Employment readiness, After-school, Community, Health)

An after-school recreation career preparation program for high school students in grades 10, 11, and 12. The program will prepare and guide students to immediate jobs in recreation and youth/youth programs as well as hospitality. Sessions include lessons and activities around themes of leadership, community, recreation, and health. Students will also gain work experience in after-school and spring break programs and receive important certifications including: First Aid, SuperHost, High 5, and Food Safe.

Sarah MacLachlan School of Music (SoM)

Instructors from SoM deliver music programming for students in grades 3 - 12, once a week for an entire school year. Students learn to play drums, guitar, keyboard, and recording, as well as sing and write their own songs, and harness their creative abilities in many ways. The program encourages the development of musical and interpersonal skills as well as building confidence and positive self-esteem.

Adopt a School

Many schools in the district are currently seeking companies, individuals, community groups or service agencies who can “adopt” them and provide support for basic needs of students and extras that help bring classroom lessons to life. Funding for weekend and evening food for families, extracurricular fees for students who would not otherwise be able to afford them, school supplies and equipment for vulnerable students, transit passes, student field trip costs, post secondary application fees are needed to help students overcome daily challenges and be best prepared to learn in class.

Feeding Futures Meal Program

Breakfast Program

The breakfast program provides an essential source of nutrition for our students, allowing them to begin each school day with a well-balanced meal for both their body and mind. Each morning, students can choose from items such as cereal, 2% milk, whole wheat toast and jam, cheese, yogurt, eggs, and a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Along with a warm breakfast, students are met by a trusted adult from the school community and welcomed into the space to enjoy a meal with their peers.

Lunch Program

The lunch program ensures that our students are nourished with a healthy afternoon meal, energizing them for the rest of the school day. Our nutritious lunches are prepared off-site and supplied to our schools daily, allowing students to stay in class with their peers and removing any stigma our students may feel. The lunch menu rotates through items such as sandwiches & wraps filled with different proteins, cultural options, a variety of salads, and fruits and vegetables.  

Snack Program

Snacks are distributed each year to students in need at 130 of Surrey’s 132 schools, feeding more than 1000 children per day. This program is operated in partnership with the Surrey Firefighters and is supported entirely through donations from the community. Funding is needed to continue the program and to provide fresh fruit and dairy products.


You may want to donate towards a scholarship for a Surrey student graduating from a secondary school.  You may make a one-time donation and therefore have a one-time scholarship or you may donate annually or set up a trust with the scholarship amounts given annually to the student from accrued interest. When setting up a scholarship you may name the scholarship and decide on the criteria and eligibility of the recipient.

Field Trips

Field Trips provide opportunities to bring classroom lessons to life. Conferences, festivals, tournaments and fairs offered throughout the Lower Mainland also allow students to come together to share and learn from each other and from community experts. Many schools, however, are limited in their ability to fund these hands on experiences. Through the field trip program, students at these schools get their chance to venture out of their own back yard, explore the world around them, and experience places they may otherwise never get a chance to visit. One class field trip typically costs $600. Funds are needed to support field trips at more than 25 schools in the district.

Arts Programs

Surrey Schools Jazz Festival

The Surrey School District has been running the Surrey Schools Jazz Festival for 40 years. The two day event uniquely combines daytime student competition and performances with evening jazz showcases. The Festival provides students from around the Pacific Northwest with the opportunity to demonstrate their music skills, to learn from each other and from professional musicians and adjudicators, and to perform in world class facilities. Many Festival graduates have gone onto successful jazz careers including Jodi Proznick and Chris Williams.

Musical Instruments

Music instruction is a priority in Surrey. Every school in the district runs a music or band program, however, many are working with outdated or broken or not enough instruments. Donations are needed to provide new or renovated equipment. The instruments most needed at schools currently are flutes, trumpets, clarinets, various drums and a set of handbells.

Technology Programs and Equipment

Quality access to computers and advances in technological equipment is of paramount importance to students today. However, costs for new and replacement equipment are high. Technology brings lessons alive, opens up worlds of information and connects students to other learners and teachers around the globe.  It is also increasingly important that students have advanced computer and technology skills when they exit the secondary system. Regular and continuous access to advanced equipment is critical to students' preparation for post-secondary studies and most careers.  Many schools struggle to provide high quality equipment that all students can access regularly.

Playground Equipment

Elementary school playgrounds are important hubs of play and gathering for the school and community. They encourage physical activity and peer interactions.  Schools must pay for their own playground installations and renovations which can be very costly and particularly challenging to fund in inner city neighbourhoods. Gifts for playground upgrades and necessary replacements will have an important and long lasting impact on an entire school community and can be matched to the donors neighbourhood of choice.

Individual Schools

Each of the district's 132 schools has its own unique needs including library books and equipment, sports team funding, art projects, garden installations, grounds improvements, special programs and support for individual students in need. Gifts to individual schools are gratefully accepted. The Business Development office can assist donors in matching their gifts to a school in their area and to projects of interest at that site.

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