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World Book Discover


Login Information: Log in using the generic digital resources username and password. If you don’t know the generic login, ask your school’s Teacher Librarian.

Suitable for: Grades 3 to 9

Brief Description: A multimedia, multi-disciplinary encyclopedia. Includes: an online atlas, dictionary, animations, articles, pictures, illustrations, timelines, video and sound clips, and more.


Vendor Description: World Book Discover offers compelling resources specifically developed for students reading below grade level due to language or learning difficulties, and adult literacy students. The collection includes reference articles, text-to speech capabilities, research tools, and interactive videos. The easy to read articles are on topics of interest to middle and high school students. Reading comprehension questions help students focus on key concepts, and an interface with easy to understand content and useful activities help older students grasp important concepts and succeed at their grade level.

Student's Resources:
- MLA, APA, and Harvard style citations are found at the bottom of most articles under “How to cite this article.”

Teacher Resources:
- Curriculum correlations can be found in the Educators Tools section of the website.

Click Here to access World Book Discover

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