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World Book Advanced


Login Information: Log in using the generic digital resources username and password. If you don’t know the generic login, ask your school’s Teacher Librarian.

Suitable for:  Grades 3 to 9

Brief Description: A multidisciplinary reference database. Includes: an encyclopedia, multimedia entries, online books, primary source files, website links, special reports, dictionary, atlas, and local and country research guides

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Vendor Description: World Book Advanced is a reference tool that includes full encyclopedic and multimedia databases, primary sources, website links, back in time articles, special reports and more. World Book Advanced includes access to historical documents, and important news updates.

Parent Resources:
- A Citation Builder is available to create MLA, APA and Harvard style citations.
- Other research tools can be found by clicking “Research & Resources” at the top of the World Book Advanced homepage.

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Teacher Resources:
- For help using World Books Advanced, or with particular parts of the website, Click Here.

Click Here to access World Book Advanced

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