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EBSCO Academic Search Premier


Login Information: Log in using the generic digital resources username and password. If you don’t know the generic login, ask your school’s Teacher Librarian.

Suitable for: Grades 8 to 12

Brief Description: Academic Search Premier is a multidisciplinary research database with citations and full-text access to journals, magazines, and other valuable resources for many academic subjects.


Vendor's Description: 

Academic Search Premier is a multidisciplinary research database found in many scholarly settings worldwide. It provides full-text journals, magazines and other valuable resources. Subjects Include: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Psychology, Religion, Philosophy, and Technology. Academic Search Premier offers access to video content from the Associated Press. Over 67,000 videos dating from 1930 to the present cover a wide range of topics.

Student Resources:
- MLA, APA, and other citation style guides can be found by clicking on Help>Citation Styles. (Bottom left of the pop-up page.)

- Generate citations by clicking on the "1689888506299.png" button on the right-side menu of any article.

Teacher Resources:
- Help documents and tutorials about advanced searching, browsing, saving and other features of Academic Search Premier can be found Here.

Click Here to access EBSCO Academic Search Premier.

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