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Library Learning Commons

Our Vision
The Library Learning Commons in Surrey Schools are creative and collaborative hubs of learning that promote transliteracy, innovation and inquiry. Surrey Schools' teacher-librarians build student capacity for inquiry and innovation through the development of transliteracy skills and personal attributes fundamental to thriving in today's society.

Our Mission
The Library Learning Commons in Surrey Schools are safe places for all members of the school community to embrace and explore their passions, interests and needs. Surrey Schools' teacher-librarians empower their school community through cultivating meaningful learning experiences and relevant resources. 

Our Values 
Community: We value connection. Teacher-librarians will cultivate community in the LLC and participate in developing community within their school, Surrey and globally. 

Leadership: We transform learning. Teacher-librarians provide leadership in their school communities and are dedicated to professional learning, Surrey’s priority practices and sharing these through collaboration.

Transliteracy: We believe that literacy, in all its forms, is foundational to all other learning. We will equip students to read, write, listen, interpret and think critically when using all kinds of media, including digital resources and platforms.

Lifelong Learning: We collaboratively develop a school culture that nurtures learning and development for all stages of life. We will empower lifelong learners to be self-motivated to investigate, question, examine and take risks in expanding new ideas, knowledge and understandings.

Intellectual Freedom: We are committed to the defense and promotion of intellectual freedom. Teacher-librarians are committed to the conviction that education, not censorship, is the key to helping students to be successful in critically and thoughtfully acquiring, analyzing and synthesizing information. We will provide students with the opportunity to choose books they are interested in and maintain a collection of varied reading materials that are representative of the diversity of thoughts, views, ideas and expressions in our school and global community.

Relevant Resources: We believe that access to a current, comprehensive, culturally relevant and responsive collection that demonstrates respect for the diversity of the school community creates valuable learning opportunities and improves student engagement. We will curate collections that ensure equitable access to information, quality reading materials, technology and learning opportunities for all members of the school community.


If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. 

Priority Practices - Department Contact
email:              ph: 604-595-5325

Shaunna MacDonald - Teacher Librarian Helping Teacher            ph: 604-595-6065      

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