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FRESHGRADE (Classic) Support Resources

Have questions? Problems with Classes? Need more information?

IMS Contact Information:

Call: 604-595-6000

SD36 CSL Resources

David A'Bear:

Lindsey Frederickson:

Angela Kailley:

Contact IMS if:

  • You are a Surrey Schools employee and can't log into FreshGrade Classic
  • You are a teacher and are having problems with your class(es)
    • new student not in class*
    • student has left class but still on list*
    • student showing in wrong grade*
    • student's name misspelled*
    • information is correct in MyEdBC but not in FG
    • Unable to see portfolio history
  • Job share is not able to see the class
  • Can't log into FreshGrade (teacher or student)
  • You need help resetting student password(s)
  • You or your school are experiencing network/connectivity issues (artifacts won't upload, is taking too long, network is slow)
  • Parent cannot see all children's portfolios

*Please confirm with your office staff that MyEdBC information for student is current/accurate and a valid SD36 FreshGrade Permission Granted program code has been added. A new student to the district may take 2-3 business days to be visable within FreshGrade while MyEdBC changes may take 1-2 business days. If still an issue, contact IMS Service Desk and provide details including student name, PEN, division number.

Contact CSL team if:

  • You have application-related questions not related to classes or student rosters set up of correct subjects, grades not selected
  • Assessment tools not created correctly
  • Category weighting not correct
  • Your school has a request for training

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