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Policy 9200 - School Catchment Areas

It is the responsibility of the secretary-treasurer to ensure that school catchment areas are established for neighbourhood schools.
The following principles should apply when establishing catchment areas:
1. Boundaries are created to regulate enrolment at schools to maximize the cost- effective use of the space.
2. Boundaries are determined such that enrolment in any school is optimized.
3. Boundaries are established to minimize the amount of bussing required.
4. Boundaries are created in the interest of student safety using arterial roads and natural boundaries to form catchment areas whenever possible.
5. Boundaries should be created that minimize the need for capital funds.
School catchment boundaries for district and community-initiated programs (programs of choice) will be considered district-wide and not site specific. Programs of choice will be offered only in space surplus to the needs of the neighbourhood school program or in space leased for a specific program need.

X-Ref:Policy #5401
Policy #6425
Policy #8320
Policy #9320

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