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Policy 2925 - Trustees - Provision of Resources

Resources Provided for Trustees’ Home Office Use

The Surrey Board of Education recognizes all trustees must maintain an office in their home. To effectively assist them in carrying out their duties, specific resources will be provided, if requested, to trustees during their current term in office, for board use only:
a)Separate residential phone line
b)Internet service
c)Four drawer filing cabinet (school district standard)
d)Free-standing storage shelves or a four shelf bookcase
e)Courier services within Surrey or White Rock to home or office
f)District e-mail service
g)Desk and chair (school district standard)
h)Document shredder
i)Clerical support services for preparation of board material
j)Personal printer/scanner
k)Smartphone, tablet and computer or laptop
i)Long distance telephone call reimbursement requires name/organization of person called and reason for call.
The secretary-treasurer’s department will maintain a record of all district equipment allocated to trustees. When a trustee retires or is not re-elected to the board, an opportunity will be provided to purchase, at fair market value, any equipment and furniture with the exception of smartphones. Prior to purchase, any device with data storage capability will be reset to factory default settings, excluding all district provided software.

Use of Other Resources

Approval of the superintendent or secretary-treasurer is required for use of the following resources:
a)Borrow or purchase materials or equipment
b)The services of a school district employee

Revised: 2015-06-05
Revised: 2008-05-08
Approved: 1999-02-25

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