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Procedure 2920.1 - Trustees' Honorarium

Trustees’ Honorarium

The School Act stipulates that a board may authorize annually the payment of remuneration to the chairperson, vice-chairperson and other trustees; and authorize annually the payment of a reasonable allowance for expenses necessarily incurred by trustees in the discharge of their duties.   
On an annual basis, a survey will be taken of the metro school districts to ensure the current honorarium is competitive with school districts in the region. The survey will be presented by the Secretary-Treasurer along with information on the current honorarium increased by the CPI for Vancouver rounded to the nearest $100.  
Trustee’s compensation will be paid on a bi-weekly basis, subject to statutory deductions, and will be deposited directly into an account of a financial institution of their choice.

Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson Additional Honorarium

The board has resolved that the honorarium paid to the chairperson be set at 15% above the trustee base rate and for the vice-chairperson, 7.5% above the trustee base rate, for the added responsibilities of their respective roles.

Revised: 2019-06-12
2015-06-19 (by 2015-06-18 board motion)
2006-02-20 (by 2006-02-09 board motion)
Reprinted: 1999-11-01
Approved: 1999-02-25
School District No. 36 (Surrey)

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