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Gifted Program

The gifted education programs in our district provide equity of access for all students. In addition, they recognize the generic needs of gifted and highly able students and offer programs that allow these students the opportunity to work with their intellectual peers.

The Challenge Program

The Challenge Program provides an opportunity for highly able and gifted students in grades 3 through 7, to engage with small groups of similarly able students in intense academic, intellectual and creative challenges.  Each Challenge Centre operates four sessions.  Each session is organized by grade level and has four half-day modules that last eight to nine weeks.

Multi-Age Cluster Class (MACC)

The Multi-Age Cluster Class (MACC) provides academic challenge and social-emotional support for highly gifted students in grades 5, 6 and 7 through an intellectual peer group, and conceptually advanced curriculum.  This program is designed to challenge and develop the depth and breadth of the student’s critical and creative thinking abilities utilizing a diverse range of higher-level thinking models.  Reflection on individual learning style, the nature of excellence and group dynamics are integral parts of the curriculum. Defining personal interests and individual goals and demonstrating a personal work ethic are important aspects of the classroom experience.

For all gifted programs, only students registered with Surrey School District will be able to be referred. Referrals are submitted and prioritized by each school. For more information, please contact your school directly.

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