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The Helping Teachers will provide district leadership in the development and implementation of Curriculum, with a focus on the history of the Aboriginal people in North America.   The Helping Teacher, in consultation with the District Principal of Aboriginal Education, will work with teachers, administrators, and other district personnel to provide support for Aboriginal learners through:

a) maintaining a current knowledge base of learning theory and research for Aboriginal learners, Ministry programs, curricula and resources;

b) working as a curriculum team member; focusing on Aboriginal content and the needs of the Aboriginal learner;

c) providing leadership with integrated curricular approaches; in particular how the historical treatment of Aboriginal people impacts Aboriginal learners today;

d) facilitating and providing district in-service and staff training development sessions that highlight promising practices which encourage success for Aboriginal learners, for teachers and administrative officers;

e) chairing and coordinating appropriate committee meetings on Aboriginal topics and issues;

f)  communicating with teachers, administrators, other district personnel, Ministry of Education officials and others regarding District and Provincial programs;

g) identifying appropriate Aboriginal learning resources and facilitating the ordering of relevant learning resources for the District and schools; knowledge of the Aboriginal Resource Centre and the promotion of Aboriginal resources cross-curricular;

h) monitoring-program delivery and emergent needs of Aboriginal learners.


a) Bachelor of Education Degree or equivalent with minimum coursework in the area of the history of Aboriginal Peoples in North America;

b) valid B.C. Teaching Certificate;

c) five years of school based teaching which includes a minimum of two years classroom experience in a school/district with a significant population of Aboriginal learners;

d) participation  in collaborative planning and facilitating of professional development activities related to Aboriginal Education.


a) possession of, or working toward, a Master of Education Degree or equivalent and appropriate course work in the area of Aboriginal education;

b) elementary and secondary teaching experience and an interest or experience in the area of Aboriginal education;

c) in-depth knowledge  of programs and current issues related to Aboriginal Education in delivery of service;

d) an awareness of the history of the local Aboriginal community, including First Nation and Metis organizations and community support services.


The personnel in this position are accountable in the execution of the assigned duties to the District Principal responsible for Aboriginal Education and/or a Director of Instruction.

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