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Enhancing Student Learning Report

Enhancing Student Learning ReportStudent with pencil and clipboard

In accordance with the Ministry of Education and Child Care's (MoECC) Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, Surrey Schools collects and analyzes quantitative and qualitative data on intellectual development, human and social development, and career development, paying special attention to Indigenous students, children and youth in care, students with designations, and English language learners.

Within each of these categories, the district reports on the required indicators including literacy, numeracy, measures of student well-being, grade-to-grade transitions, graduation rates, and entrance into B.C. post-secondary institutions. 

The Research and Evaluation Department develops the yearly Enhancing Student Learning Report by utilizing MoECC provided data, drawing upon evidence from evaluation projects throughout the year, and collaborating with over a dozen district departments.

Below, we provide the 2023/24 Enhancing Student Learning Report and accompanying addenda, which include evidence of student achievement from provincial and district levels.

            eslr-cover-page-2023-24.897536158948.png    Addenda to ESLR Cover page 2023-24.png             

To learn more about the Enhancing Student Learning Report, please contact the Research and Evaluation Department Senior Manager.

Matthew Waugh, Senior ManagerResearch and Evaluation


Click below to view our district's Enhancing Student Learning Reports and accompanying addendums for previous school years.

SD 36 2022/23 Enhancing Student Learning Report2022/23 Addenda to the Enhancing Student Learning Report  eslr-2021-cover.8570e2158976.pngaddenda-to-eslr-2021.11a0a5158975.png


Graphic Page DividerSchool Based Power BIThrough collaboration between the Research and Evaluation Department and the Student Information System Department, interactive data visualizations are created through Power BI. Power BI reports are used to provide analysis and commentary for a range of student outcomes for all schools in the district. The reports aid the district through informing school planning.

District employees with permission can access their school Power BI report below:


To learn more about the ESLR Power BI reports, please contact the District Principal of the Electronic Student Information Systems Department or the Senior Manager of the Research and Evaluation Department.

Robert Whitham, District PrincipalElectronic Student Information
Matthew Waugh, Senior ManagerResearch and Evaluation


SD 36 Research and Evaluation

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