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Two students playing cube learning gameNumeracyThe Ministry of Education defines numeracy as “the ability to understand and apply mathematical concepts, processes, and skills to solve problems and make decisions in a variety of situations, including real-life scenarios.”

Numeracy involves students recognizing and understanding the role of mathematics in the world and having the capacities to use mathematical knowledge and skills purposely. To support students in becoming numerate and using mathematics confidently at school and in their lives, the district participates in various numeracy initiatives, such as the Standards-Based Assessment (SBA) and the Building Thinking Classrooms (BTC) initiatives. Both initiatives have helped teachers improve their articulation of math goals and competencies, broaden their understanding of what constitutes learning, and to deepen student learning of math concepts. Evaluation of the SBA and BTC initiatives have led to an increase in teacher comfortability and implementation level in a variety of new numeracy teaching and assessment practices. Further, these increases have translated into positive impacts for students as well, as participating teachers reported growth in students’ understandings and learning of mathematical concepts.

Providing support for these initiatives are the Numeracy Helping Teachers, who are leaders in the development and implementation of research informed numeracy curriculum within the district.

Numeracy Helping teachers work one-on-one with teachers pursuing numeracy inquiry questions, provide district-wide support, and facilitate professional learning through workshops, “lunch and learns”, book clubs, and more. Numeracy Helping Teachers also locate, provide, and guide the use of resources for classroom teachers.

The Research and Evaluation Department, in support of the district, conducts evaluations of district-led numeracy initiatives. Our researchers utilize assessment tools such as surveys to evaluate the impacts of these initiatives. 

In collaboration with Numeracy Helping Teachers, the Research and Evaluation Department collects, analyzes, and reports on the data from evaluations of numeracy initiatives. Our reports are used to inform district decision making and planning regarding providing continuing numeracy support for our Surrey students. 

To view and download the Numeracy Initiatives report, click below

Numeracy Initiatives 2021/22

List of Numeracy Initiatives:

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Numeracy Initiatives


Inner City Early Learning

To learn more about Numeracy Initiatives please contact one of our district's Numeracy Helping Teachers or our department's research analyst who is providing research and evaluation support.

Chris Hunter, Numeracy Helping TeacherPriority Practices

Jessica Kyle, Numeracy Helping TeacherPriority Practices

Marc Garneau, Numeracy Helping TeacherPriority Practices

Kate Morrison, Research AnalystResearch and Evaluation

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