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The Surrey Wraparound Program (WRAP) is a partnership between the Surrey School District, RCMP and the City of Surrey. The program’s objective is to positively attach youth to school, their community and the home by building a trusting and positive relationship. Parents, caregivers and/or guardians are included in goal setting while assisting the program’s objective in building a positive lifestyle and self-worth for youth.

The following are some of the program highlights:

  • Wrap can collaborate with school staff, the parent and youth in goal setting and outlining strategic interventions that assist the youth to be successful in the school environment;
  • Wrap has seven school district staff who work collaboratively with youth and family;
  • Wrap has two dedicated RCMP members who can build a positive and trusting relationship with youth;
  • Wrap can provide and supervise work experience for youth that is helpful to the community while building self-worth;
  • Wrap can provide athletic and recreational opportunities through the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Surrey. Also, Wrap can facilitate artistic, creative and other opportunities in relation to a youth’s interests and strengths;
  • Wrap can help youth utilize their strengths in a positive manner through awareness in a mentoring relationship;
  • Wrap collaborates with family in a manner that is supportive and non-judgmental.


Wraparound Program - English.pdf          Wraparound Program-Punjabi.pdf      

Wraparound Program - Vietnamese.pdf    Wraparound Program - Arabic.pdf


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