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Rental Rates

For a list of our current rental rates, click here

The profit rate will be charge to all groups unless a society number or registered charity number can be provided. If you are a group of friends/family wishing to book, you may qualify for the non-profit rate. 


Overtime will be charged at a rate of $72/hour *2 hour minimum per day used (subject to review and approval per event). Custodial will not be charged on Monday-Thursday 5pm-10pm and Fridays 5pm-8pm for regular evening rentals.

Custodial fees apply in circumstances where the booking takes place on a weekend, statutory holiday, school closure, or CUPE Professional Development Day held in May. 

Custodial fees may also be applicable in the following circumstances:

  • There are 40 or more people in attendance
  • Food or drink beyond water is being served
  • The type of activity, number, and/or type of spaces being used (i.e. theatre), and/or number of hours rented designates

Custodial for Childcare:

Custodial will be charged at $36/week during times when school is in session and $72/hr with a minimum of 2.5 hours/week during school closures.


Where a rental group needs to access a school when there is no district staff on site, the building will be opened and/or closed by a contracted security runner. Opening and/or closing of the building may be provided in one of two ways:

  • A security runner will be called out to open and/or close the building at a cost of $28 plus GST per occurrence.
  • In cases of long term weekend rentals and childcare services, an electronic FOB may be issued to open at the following rates (subject to approval)
    • $550 annually for 37 or more days *long term weekend and childcare rentals only (subject to approval and trial period)
    • 3 Months with a security runner open is required before keys/fobs are issued
    • The rental group will be charged $28 plus GST to train the user group how to use the FOB
    • $50 non-refundable deposit will be charged upon key distribution

Bookings when there is no district staff on site may require a security runner to close the facility at a cost of $28 plus GST per occurrence.

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