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Application Checklist

Eligibility: Children who will turn five-years-old before January 1, 2025 are eligible to begin school in September 2024 and can apply for the Kindergarten Choice Lottery.

Prior to applying for a program seat, you have already registered your child/children at your local catchment school. For information on general registration at local catchment schools or for district catchment information, please visit: K-12 Schools

Once online applications open, you will need the following information in order to apply:

  • Whether you are a Surrey/White Rock resident or not. *Out-of-district applications are accepted
  • The e-mail address you used when registering at your local catchment school
  • Your child's legal first and last name and date of birth
  • Your top school/program choices (up to a maximum of three - listed in preferred order)
  • Parent/guardians first and last name
  • Contact phone number and e-mail address

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