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Premier and MLAs engage in candid discussion with Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary students


On Tuesday morning (Feb. 6), Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary hosted a panel discussion featuring the Premier and several Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). The panel included Premier David Eby, Minister Jennifer Whiteside, MLA Mike Starchuk, MLA Joan Phillip, Minister Lisa Beare, MLA Jinny Sims, Parliamentary Secretary Susie Chant and MLA Ravi Parmar.

The candid conversation with two Grade 10 Social Studies classes offered students a unique opportunity to voice their concerns and pose challenging questions on a variety of pressing issues.

Eby-MLAs%20at%20Lord%20Tweedsmuir%20close.jpgFacilitated by Social Studies teacher Walter van Halst, the discussion delved into topics ranging from education and infrastructure to social welfare and post-secondary options. With no topic off-limits, students broached issues such as the use of portables in the Surrey School District, homelessness, the rising cost of living, and school sports.

Throughout the dialogue, the Premier and MLAs offered valuable insights and perspectives on the complex challenges facing our growing and diverse community. The interactive nature of the discussion fostered a sense of empowerment among the students, who demonstrated remarkable maturity and critical thinking skills in their inquiries.

Eby%20with%20students%20at%20Lord%20Tweedsmuir-1.jpgFor many students, the experience was not only enlightening but also inspiring, providing them with a firsthand glimpse into the workings of provincial governance and the importance of civic engagement.

As one student remarked, "It's incredible to hear directly from the Premier, and have him and his colleagues address our concerns. It makes me feel like our voices truly matter."

Principal Ken Hignell also expressed gratitude for the Premier and MLAs' willingness to engage directly with students.

"This event was so valuable for our students. In Grade 10 Social Studies, you learn about the provincial government – what better way to learn and foster civic engagement than to hear directly from those that have been elected to do the work?”

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