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Message from Supt. Mark Pearmain: Thank you to students, parents & staff for another extraordinary year

mark-pearmain-mugshot.jpgSurrey Schools Superintendent
Mark Pearmain
A year ago, things looked very different from today. We had strict health and safety protocols in place for graduation ceremonies, staff meetings and in-class learning. And as we headed into summer after a challenging year of pandemic learning, we were filled with hope that things might be “near normal” by the time another school year rolled around.

Despite our optimism, September required us to re-think our processes – yet again – as we opened our doors to students and staff for full-time in-person learning. For the bulk of this school year, we continued to adapt, adjust and take precautions while still providing exceptional learning opportunities for our students.

Fast forward to spring – right about the time that I came to the district – the cautious optimism we felt last summer returned. Restrictions and mandates were slowly lifted, and we saw a return to so many of the activities and get togethers we missed.

Our 2022 graduates have been able to have in-person commencement ceremonies and dinner/dances with their friends and family. Schools have staged amazing theatre productions, held community concerts and dance competitions, and elementary track meets have returned! We have held in-person staff meetings and have been able to connect with colleagues from across the district. It’s been fantastic!

If the last two years has taught us anything – and I know it has – it’s that life is unpredictable. But the bigger lesson we learned, in my view, is that we are resilient, adaptable and creative. We also learned the values and importance of care, compassion, patience, tolerance and human connection in collectively working together for the greater good.

Much has been asked of you this year and I’d like to thank all of you for your hard work, kindness to your community and your unwavering commitment to the students of Surrey, White Rock and Barnston Island.

Please enjoy your summer break – it is well-deserved!

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