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Update: Nine Surrey students receive $40,000 scholarships from Cmolik Foundation

Surrey Schools is proud to share that nine students in the district are each receiving $40,000 scholarships from the Cmolik Foundation for their post-secondary education.

Students from Earl Marriott, Guildford Park, Kwantlen Park, L.A. Matheson, Lord Tweedsmuir, Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth and Semiahmoo secondary schools are the latest scholarship winners, recognized for their academic achievements, work ethic, philanthropy and ability to overcome adversity.


Ria Laura, Guildford Park Secondary

Grade 12 student Ria Laura’s post-secondary aspirations are three-fold: complete SFU’s sustainable business joint major to obtain a degree in Business Administration, major in finance, and ultimately, finish law school.

“Ria is an exceptional student, in every way, but is an even more exceptional person,” said social studies teacher Brent Schieve. “She is thoughtful, considerate, and caring towards everyone in our diverse Guildford Park community. She is driven to succeed and seems to let nothing stop her in her pursuits to become a better person and help shape a better world.”


Allan Pham, Guildford Park Secondary

Recognized for his hard work and commitment in academics, Allan Pham will be using his Cmolik scholarship to attain a Bachelor of Business Administration at UBC and pursue a designation as a Chartered Professional Accountant.

“Allan is a passionate and extremely hard-working individual,” said teacher Neal Michael. “From his Grade 8 year through to this, his final year, Allan has been self-motivated and driven – earning top marks in range of academic and elective classes.”


Rose Kajal, Kwantlen Park Secondary

With her Cmolik scholarship, Rose Kajal wants to pursue an education in a field where she can help others who may be struggling with mental health.

“I plan to contribute to society as a pediatric psychologist by completing my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Psychology at Simon Fraser University,” said Kajal. “I am drawn to the field of psychology after experiencing first-hand the importance of mental health.”

“I sincerely could not think of a student who would be a more deserving candidate,” said counsellor Daniel Sedaros. “Rose works tirelessly to achieve and maintain a high academic standard. She has always been at the top of her class.”


Manreet Sandhu, L.A. Matheson Secondary

Honoured for her strong work ethic and sense of determination, Manreet Sandhu intends to earn a Bachelor of Science from SFU, majoring in molecular biology and biochemistry, and then attend medical school to specialize in psychiatry.

“I have a strong interest in both science and psychology and hope to solve problems using my knowledge base and scientific skill set,” said Sandhu.

“She takes pride in making a real and significant difference in the world and in the lives of others,” said teacher Vicki McKay. “She has an inner strength and optimistic outlook that will help her succeed at post-secondary level.”

cmolik-sukhman-dhillon.jpgSukhman Dhillon, Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary

Inspired by her own medical history, Sukhman Dhillon is pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a major in biology from SFU and plans to attend medical school.

“Sukhman is an extremely driven student with a very strong work ethic,” said math department head Susan Musico. “She is eager to understand concepts fully and asks questions which show higher-level and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking. As a person, Sukhman has a calm, patient manner and is always respectful and kind. She has shown consistent dedication to excellence for herself and those around her.”


Sumaiyah Khokhar, Princess Margaret Secondary

Always wanting to help others, Sumaiyah Khokhar aims to attain a Bachelor of Kinesiology from Capilano University and pursue a Masters in Physiotherapy from UBC.

“I see myself opening my own physiotherapy clinic and practicing as a physiotherapist, alongside other healthcare professional who work in wellness,” said Khokhar.

“I have immense respect for Sumaiyah, as a student and even more so as a person,” said teacher Manjit Panesar. “I greatly admire her thoughtful, conscientious, ambitious, fearless nature. She is a passionate and authentic individual who possesses a genuine desire to leave a positive, powerful impact in this world.

“She is ambitious not only with her desire to help others, but also with her desire to learn as much as she can about the world around her.”


Emily Hernandez, Queen Elizabeth Secondary

A community leader with a GPA in the top two percent of her class, Emily Hernandez’s post-secondary plans include studying criminology at SFU before attending UBC’s Peter A. Allard School of Law to become a civil rights attorney specializing in youth justice.

“I have come to know Emily as a budding philanthropist, and as one of the most resilient female leaders I have every worked with,” said counsellor Jeremy Lendvoy. “Her vibrant, creative, and passionate mind captivates many of her QE teachers who rave about her intelligence, but also her integrity and moral code.”

“Emily has worked at Kinsmen Lodge care facility for the elderly, serving meals and organizing and participating in social events to bring community to the home,” said social studies department head Brittney Sitch of Hernandez’s volunteer work. “Emily is positive leader in our community and is already making a significant difference in the lives of the most vulnerable, both her at school, and in Surrey.”


Sanjana Karthik, Semiahmoo Secondary

With an interest in justice, Sanjana Karthik plans to use her Cmolik scholarship to pursue a degree in sociology and subsequently earn a Masters in restorative justice.

“My goal is to provide mediation between victims and abusers, as ‘hurt people hurt,’ and by mending this vicious cycle, we can create a better society for everyone,” said Karthik.

“I have come to know and respect Sanjana for her dedication and drive to succeed,” said principal Bal Ranu. “She is a hardworking individual who has always known what she wants to accomplish and strives to achieve her goals. She has been one of the most dedicated students that I have had the pleasure to interact with in the school.”


Elizabeth Sanchez, Earl Marriott Secondary

An aspiring optometrist, Elizabeth Sanchez hopes to work with impoverished communities in the Interior and provide quality optical care to those who really need it.

“Elizabeth is a well-deserving candidate for this scholarship because of her academic achievements and strength of character,” said Mark Figueria, Sanchez’s history teacher and social studies department head. “She is a dedicated member of the school’s voluntary Grassroots Environmental Club and the Youth Neighbourhood Small Grants Committee. These organizations make a tangible difference in the community. Elizabeth is always available to lend a helping hand despite her busy schedule.”


Congratulations to all of our 2022 Cmolik Foundation scholarship recipients!

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