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Clubs, Sports & Extra-Curricular

bandGetting Involved: Athletics, Councils, and Clubs

School isn’t just a building with rooms where learning occurs.  It is a place where things happen and students make things happen.  Student involvement in course work and in other activities will make the school what they want it to be.  School sports, clubs and activities, for example, will only be as successful as students make them.  Students who get involved with school activities will enrich their stay at LA Matheson with good friends and fond memories.

LA Matheson Secondary School attempts to meet each student’s demands for educational development.  The school, as well as stressing competence in the core subject areas, provides students with an opportunity to select other subjects from a wide variety of elective courses.  The curriculum and extra-curricular programs allow students an opportunity to become involved in choosing a rich and rewarding educational experience at LA Matheson Secondary School.

Our students are invited to participate in a variety of activities throughout the school year. Some sports are school-based and some involve meets, games or play days with other Surrey schools at various locations.

We appreciate the ongoing support from our coaches, teachers, volunteers and parents as well as all our drivers!

For additional information on specific extra curricular activities for students or parents, use the menu at the left side of this page.

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