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Bases and Lifeskills


BASES is an acronym that stands for Building Academic, Social, (and) Employment Skills. Students who are enrolled in the BASES program have a history of Learning difficulties and a need for a modified individualized educational program. As the name suggests, BASES students focus on the development of Developmentally appropriate Academic, Social and Employment skills. Each student in BASES has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which is developed in collaboration with parents/guardians, teachers, and support staff. Each student has a case manager who monitors progress, organizes IEP meetings and serves as the point of contact for parents/guardians and non-district professionals.

The Lifeskills program at LA Matheson is a district program that seeks to meet the needs of  11 complex learners. Like the BASES program, students are provided opportunities to develop academic, social, self-regulation and work experience skills that will support independence in each student's post-school life. The program is supported by 10 Educational Assistants (EA), an SLP-AAC, and a physiotherapist and occupational therapists from the CDC.


Last NameFirst NameEmail AddressJob Title
BASES Teacher
GarlandLanagarland_l@surreyschools.caBASES Teacher
LungHowardlung_h@surreyschools.caBASES Teacher
WoodsPeterwoods_p@surreyschools.caBASES Teacher
ZhangDonzhang_d@surreyschools.caBASES Teacher


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