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Our School

L.A. Matheson, Home of the Mustangs



The staff and students of L.A. Matheson Secondary School extend you a warm welcome.

L.A. Matheson Secondary is an excellent school. Our students perform in the many academic, athletic, cultural and service activities that are part of L.A. Matheson. Students should be involved in many activities and enjoy all aspects of school life. An effective education program benefits from home and school working together. To achieve this objective, parents and students are encouraged to make the best use of the services available at their school.

Again, welcome! We look forward to working with you.

Mission Statement:

At LA Matheson we provide a safe, cooperative and supportive learning environment that promotes social, intellectual creative growth. We aim to help all of our students develop into informed, active and responsible global citizens. 

Beliefs and Values:

  • Students develop responsibility for their actions and decisions as these relate to their own academic and social development.
  • In order for a positive learning environment for students to exist, a positive environment must also exist for the staff members.
  • Positive self-esteem enhances students’ learning and cooperation.
  • All students have inherent abilities that can be developed and expressed.
  • The ability to critically assess needs and plan through goal-setting are necessary features of citizenship and lifelong learning. 


The focus questions that emerged through our school plan are around improving assessment strategies, instilling more authentic aboriginal content, developing an ethic of care to enhance student resiliency and connections and working to help teachers successfully implement the new curriculum.

Assessment Strategies

How will the implementation of having common school wide assessment strategies in the form of conferences and self-assessment affect our students' learning, in terms of growth, engagement and understanding?

Aboriginal Content

How do we ensure that we are successfully and authentically incorporating Aboriginal content and ways of knowing (following the FPPL) so that it is both strengths based and culturally responsive for all learners?

Student Resiliency and Connections

How can we improve on the ethic of care we apply as teachers, parents and a community so that our students have more resiliency in overcoming barriers to their learning and social development?

New Curriculum

How will departments and teachers collaborate to develop a plan of support to successfully implement the new curriculum and how it changes over time for our students?

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