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Humanities is a combination of Social Studies and English. It is a study area designed to provide opportunities for students to improve their ability to communicate using the English language and to better understand the world around them by acquiring skills through their learning. By integrating the concepts of English with those of Social Studies, both subject areas are enhanced leading to a greater understanding and appreciation of each.


Last Name
First Name
Email Address
Job Title
BurnsMs. Xburns_x@surreyschools.caHumanities Teacher
CrosbyMs. Kcrosby_k@surreyschools.caHumanities Teacher
LavallieMs. Tlavallie_t@surreyschools.caHumanities Teacher
RobinsonMs. Nrobinston_nicole@surreyschools.caHumanities Teacher

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Khord - Course Outline  2017
Hum 8 Course Outline - 2017
Hum 9 Course Outline - 2017

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