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Policies & Procedures

Take Ownership for Your Learning.

Ownership of your learning means that, you as a learner, is motivated, engaged and self-directed. It means you can monitor your own progress and you are able to reflect on your learning based on mastery of content. In addition, you, as a learner must have the skills, knowledge and dispositions to independently direct and design your own learning experiences and be skilled in selecting and using tools, resources, strategies and a people to support your learning. 

If you are going to be absent:

To reach your full academic potential, regular school attendance is key. You are responsible for all work covered whether or not you are at school.
If you know in advance you will be absent, make arrangements with the teacher to get work beforehand.
A parent or guardian must phone the school or provide a note to the school or the teacher(s) for any absence to be considered as ‘excused’.  Office phone: 604-588-3418.

Extended Absence:

If you are going to be absent for more than 5 school days, you must complete an 'extended absence form' and return it to the office.

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