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math.27a66361533.jpgMathematics is integral to every aspect of daily life. Skills can be used to solve problems related to time, sports, travel, money management, science, and art, to name a few. Mathematics is part of the story of human history and is particularly relevant to the British Columbian story. First Peoples in British Columbia, like Indigenous people around the world, used and continue to use mathematical knowledge and competencies to make sense of the world around them.

Mathematical values and habits of mind go beyond numbers and symbols: they help us connect, create, communicate, visualize, reason, and solve. Using mathematical thinking allows us to analyze novel and complex problems from a variety of perspectives, consider possible solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness of solutions. When developed early in life, these habits of mind generate confidence in our ability to solve everyday problems without doubt or fear of math.

Observing, learning, and engaging in mathematical thinking empowers us to make sense of our world. Exploring the logic of mathematics through puzzles and games can foster a constructive mathematical disposition and result in a self-motivated and confident learner with a unique mathematical perspective. Whether students choose to pursue deeper or broader study in mathematics, the new curriculum design ensures that they are able to pursue their individual interests and passions.


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