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Modern Languages

The redesigned Core French (and Modern Languages) curriculum represents an integrated approach to language acquisition. In this approach, the following components of language acquisition are viewed as interconnected rather than in isolation:

  • Reading, writing, listening, speaking, and interacting — These essential competencies are the foundation of language acquisition. As they rarely exist in isolation in authentic communication contexts, they are integrated throughout the redesigned curriculum. Each element of the curriculum supports the simultaneous development of multiple competencies.
  • Grammar — With a focus on the purposeful use of language to communicate meaning, the redesigned curriculum views grammatical instruction as playing a supportive role.
  • Culture — Language is inextricably bound to culture. Culture is a vehicle for acquiring a deeper understanding of a given language, of others, and of oneself. Authentic communication always takes place in a cultural context, and language acquisition activities in the classroom must therefore be situated within such a context. As students explore French and the Francophone world, they simultaneously acquire both the language and an understanding of the many varieties of Francophone culture and the relationship between the two, contributing to their appreciation of other cultures as well as their own.
  • Language-learning strategies — Language-learning strategies are seen as a vehicle for helping students succeed in their language acquisition journey and are integrated throughout the curriculum.


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