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Culinary Arts

Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST)

culinary-arts-1.49a1d061511.jpgThe ability to design and make, acquire skills as needed, and apply technologies is important in the world today and a key aspect of educating citizens for the future.

The Applied Skills learning area has been re-envisioned as a K–12 program and renamed. The new Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) curriculum is an experiential, hands-on program of learning through design and creation that includes skills and concepts from traditional and First Peoples practice; from the existing disciplines of:

  • Home Economics, 
  • Information Technology,
  • Technology Education,
  • Culinary Arts
  • and from new and emerging fields. 

It envisions a K–12 continuum fostering the development of the skills and knowledge that will allow students to create practical and innovative responses to everyday needs and problems.

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts program at Semiahmoo Secondary strives to push students to be creative and collaborative in food art and cooking.  Design, create and enjoy a culinary masterpiece!


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Semiahmoo Culinary Arts Program on Youtube! 

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