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Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Baljit Ranu Principal
Zack Lund Vice Principal
Jana White Vice Principal
Chloe Annas Teacher
Vicky Bal Teacher
Deanne Barber Teacher
Kelly Burwash Teacher
Christopher Chapman Teacher
Hanna Chau Teacher
Tony Chio Teacher
Lena Clark Teacher
Ron Coleborn Teacher
Tyler Cox Teacher
Kylie Cross Teacher
John Decaire Teacher
Audrey Fleming Teacher
Lisa Gibbs Teacher
Grace Gihm Teacher
Laura Hamilton Teacher
Seung Han Teacher
Nathan Hapke Teacher
Gordon Houchen Teacher
Michael Hoven Teacher
Susan Hunter Teacher
Helaine Huska Teacher
Marian Hutchins Teacher
Randeep Kaur Teacher
Hunnee Kim Teacher
Monika Kondo Teacher
Darren Larson Teacher
Susan Lim Teacher
Dagan Lowe Teacher
Kirstie McCallum Teacher
Maureen McDonough Teacher Librarian
Dennis Memmott Teacher
Lori Pajic Teacher
David Park Teacher
Kelly Peterson Teacher
Paisley Poelzer Teacher
Cheryl Quashie Teacher
Adriana Ramirez Teacher
David Robinson Teacher
Melody Ross Teacher
Paulo Scaletta Teacher
Carley Senicki Teacher
Alana Slater Teacher
Jodi Snead Teacher
Lilia Trynova Teacher
Jeff Williams Teacher
Denny Winkler Teacher
Nicole Wong Teacher
Sophia Yang Teacher
Andrea Allison Education Assistant I
Bhupinder Bahi Education Assistant I
Darcy Bird Education Assistant I
Debbie Doetze Education Assistant I
Navi Lalli Education Assistant I
Ritika Madan-Wadhwa Education Assistant I
Taru Martikainen Education Assistant I
Lorie Nash Education Assistant I
Silvia Parkinson Education Assistant I
Donna Perchaluk Education Assistant I
Susan Rothenbush Education Assistant I
Sherwin Santos Education Assistant I
Darla Sousa Education Assistant I
Janelle Thiessen Education Assistant I
Halona Zhang Education Assistant I
Baljit Namsaur Custodian
Touria Allan Child/Youth Care Worker
Michelle Baldwin ABA Support Worker
Chelan Barclay Counsellor
Logan Berka Culinary Assistant
Shelley Blackwell Counsellor
Les Brown B.A.S.E.S.
Brian Clunas International Baccalaureate
Lisa Correia Learner Support Team
Ryan Deutsch B.A.S.E.S.
Rupinder Dhaliwal Caretaker
Dragana Djordjevic Clerk Typist
Louay El Halabi International Baccalaureate
Janet Ellis Career Resource Assistant
Andrew Evans Supervision Aide
Ann Marie Fernandez Learner Support Team
Amanda Fisher ABA Support Worker
Brenda Fraser Caretaker
Susan Fuller B.A.S.E.S.
Mary Gallagher Learner Support Team
Amanda Ghilarducci ABA Support Worker
Corinne Gray Learner Support Team
Kristy Harrison International Baccalaureate
Rae-Ann Holding Information Management Clerk
Marnie Jamieson Counsellor
Preet Kaur Caretaker
David Kenny International Baccalaureate
Jason Larsen International Baccalaureate
Jun Lee International Baccalaureate
Vania Loh International Baccalaureate
Alyse Marynick Learner Support Team
Melanie Mazurkewich Learner Support Team
Lisa McBride Secondary School Clerk
Dave McCallum International Baccalaureate
Peter Mleziva International Baccalaureate
Philip Morse Teaching Chef
Jill Nygard Head Secretary
Janice Obrovac Clerk Typist
Bridget Roope Child/Youth Care Worker
Vicki Schrader Learner Support Team
Dennis Serrano Caretaker
Jane Seselja Supervision Aide
Stephanie Shields International Baccalaureate
Lisa Simpkin International Baccalaureate
John Strain Sr. Head Care
Kimberlee Swartz ABA Support Worker
Jeannette Villele Supervision Aide
Jana Wilson Counsellor
Andrew Yeung International Baccalaureate
Dennis Yoo International Baccalaureate

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